2019 Spring Lacrosse Registration has closed.

FREE High School Level Clinics being

offered for Spring!

Register for additional information and to be on mailing list.


FVLC would like to welcome our new volunteer coach:


Tyler Mathews - Two-time All-American Attack player from Kennesaw State!!!

Coach Mathews will be working to develop the High School Club Team.


While there was not enough athletes registered to field a High School Team FVLC will be offering FREE clinics this spring to give anyone interested in trying the game of lacrosse


Saturday 4/27 - 10:30 - 12:00 Middle School Practice Field (on hill behind dome)

Thursday 5/2 - 4:25 - 5:50 Middle School Practice Field (on hill behind dome)

More to come!!!



If you have an athlete in K- 8th grade that interested in trying lacrosse please reach out to us to see about a attending an

existing team practice and game to see what lacrosse is about.




FVLC Program Offerings


Mini Mountaineers:

Coed K-1st grade. If you have interest in those younger than kindergarten to give it a try please contact FVLC. FVLC is looking for parent volunteers to lead and organize small teams for 3v3 or 4v4 non-contact game play. Practices will be entire Mini Mountaineer group together. We can teach you what you need to know to be a Parent Leader/Coach for game play!


Girls Lacrosse:

U14 Girls: 6th-8th grades.

Girls in 5th grade are welcome to play with this program. 

FVLC will be looking to field a U11 team again in 2020 if there is sufficient interest.


Boys Lacrosse:

U9 Boys: This Team will be open to all 2nd and 3rd graders. No experience necessary. This team will do CYLA League play. 1st graders interested in playing  up should have parent contact FVLC.


U12 Boys: 4th - 5th graders. This Team will be open to all 2nd and 3rd graders. No experience necessary. This team will do CYLA League play.



U13 Boys: Primarily 6th and 7th graders. CYLA Travel Team. 8th graders interested in playing should contact FVLC for exemption.


High School Boys Club Team: FVLC has been awarded a US Lacrosse 1st Stick Grant for a High School Club Team and is valued at $10500.00 to develop and continue lacrosse opportunities beyond youth play. The grant provides new gear from US Lacrosse for up to 21 players and covers the club teams US Lacrosse Membership fees for the 1st year. The club team will begin at the equivalent of a Junior Varsity team and is open to all athletes in grades 9-12 looking to participate in lacrosse. For more information contact:

John Monkouski (970)531-3339; jdmonkco@gmail.com


Age classification:

2018 FALL and 2019 SPRING Age Classifications:


Born on or after

Grade Equivalency

Max Stick Length




















37-42”, 47-54”




40-42”, 52-72"




40-42”, 52-72"




40-42”, 52-72"

* All current 8th graders are eligible to play, regardless of birthdate.

Boys High School Club Team


9th - 12th

40-42”, 52-72"

TEAM NOTIFICATION: Everyone will be notified by email by Tue 2/26 of their boys team placement. Late registration athletes will be placed on teams with space availability.  


Fraser Valley Lacrosse Club's Mission:

“To Provide, grow and sustain youth lacrosse opportunities in Grand County and develop the lifelong love of the game, competition and sportsmanship.”



1. Teach the fundamentals of lacrosse and develop athlete skills for competition.

2. Give every athlete an opportunity to experience lacrosse and Have Fun!

3. Promote competition and sportsmanship.


Player expectations:

1. Cooperation: As a team sport, lacrosse demands the following:

    Cooperation with and respect for:

  • Coaches

  • Teammates

  • Opposing team members

  • Officials

2. Effort: All players are to give it their best for themselves and more importantly their

   Teammates and club. Including listening to coaches, paying attention and supporting

   teammates during all practices and games.

2. Attitude: Bring a positive attitude to all practices and games.

3. Attendance: Committing to all practices and games during the season is very important for

   learning the game of lacrosse, self improvement and team building.

4. Participation: All players are expected to participate in all warm-ups, conditioning and drills

  at practices. This includes reviewing and knowing any playbooks or other handouts coaches

   may provide. Participation at games is not limited to warm-ups and on-field play. Pay attention

   to the game, your coaches and CHEER ON YOUR TEAM! Be ready at any moment to go on

   the field!

5. Preparation: Having ALL gear, having a water bottle and wearing clothing appropriate for

   practice and the days weather.

6. FVLC Family: ALL FVLC athletes, regardless of team, age, gender, ethnicity and beliefs are

   part of something bigger than themselves - you are a Mountaineer both on and off the field!

   Treat every Mountaineer with respect, encouragement and support both on and off the field!


Knowledge and fundamental skills needed for game play:

Through practices all athletes will learn the fundamentals, rules and game play of lacrosse. Not all players will be on the same level due to being newer to the sport, practice attendance, focus and participation, and their desire to improve by playing and practicing away from the organized practices. As players move from one division onto another the game becomes more competitive and play becomes faster and more advanced at each level. Our goal is to enable all players to have fun while building their knowledge and skills, which in turn strengthens the team.


Game play requires players actively knowing what is going on throughout the game and working together as a team. A player not knowing what is going on or still learning the basic fundamentals can become frustrated during high paced game play. Depending on the level of play the game is not fun if players do not know what is going on during a game, are unable to scoop up a ground ball or catch or pass. Through practice and adhering to the Player Expectations outlined above, it is a reasonable and achievable expectation for all players to earn playing time. Athletes showing the Cooperation, Effort, Attitude, Attendance, Participation, Preparation and representing the FVLC Family will be in the best position for game play. Embracing and committing to these expectations is what will develop an athlete from learning the fundamentals of lacrosse to honing their skills for advanced game play. Game play is essential to learning lacrosse and all players will have opportunities to play. Playing time may vary and develop over time. Athletes may play different positions to provide the best opportunity for to learn and contribute as a team member. Practice smart, hard and often! Practice throwing against a wall or cradling at home. Take your stick with you to school for recess time, play catch with a friend! Watch a lacrosse game on TV or YouTube - see how it is being played across the entire field! Practice cradling while watching the game!


Parent expectations:

Parents are expected to be good role models and represent FVLC in a positive manner. Please cheer for all athletes and good plays including opposing teams. Most importantly, encourage your athlete to be good teammates, participants and to stay engaged at practices and games by following the Player Expectations listed above.  Encourage them to to cheer on their teammates and support all the FVLC Family both on and off the field.


Parents are responsible for transportation arrangements to and from practices and games for their athlete. Parents are also responsible for checking their email regularly (starting now) to stay current on any changes or updates. If parents do not have easy access to e-mail, they are responsible for finding another parent who can keep them updated. If your athlete is unable to make a practice or game contact the team coach to let them know so they can plan accordingly. All coaches are volunteers, taking their time and modifying schedules to provide lacrosse opportunities.


Changes will also be posted on the homepage of the Fraser Valley Lacrosse Clubs homepage at fraservalleylax.us.la . Checking the website and your email is a quick way to stay updated. Please understand that we are unable to call everyone when a change is made. Please ALWAYS send your player with adequate water. A large water bottle is recommended - the more the better.




Required Equipment:

Girls: Girls Lacrosse Stick, Goggles, Mouthpiece, Cleats, Water Bottle.

Boys: Boys Lacrosse Stick, Lacrosse Helmet, Lacrosse Gloves, Lacrosse Shoulder Pads, Lacrosse Arm Pads, Mouthpiece, Cleats, and an Athletic Cup. No hockey equipment!


Gear Assistance Program:

Mini-Mountaineer Lacrosse Stick: $5/season ($30 Deposit Required)

Girls Equipment: Lacrosse Stick & Goggles $10/season ($50.00 Deposit Required)

Boys Equipment (Limited): Lacrosse Stick, Helmet, Gloves, Shoulder Pads, Arm Pads

$40/season ($120 Deposit Required)

**NOTE: If your athlete only needs certain equipment FVLC will modify cost accordingly.



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